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The National CPP Energy-Conservation & Consumption-Reduction and Potential-Tapping & Efficiency-Increasing Technical Seminar

        The national CPP energy-conservation & consumption-reduction and potential-tapping & efficiency-increasing technical seminar, organized by China Coal Processing & Utilization Association and China National Coal Association Coal Preparation Plant Branch, was held in Xiangyang city, Hubei province in June 19th-20th, 2013. At the meeting, Zhao Shuyan, board chairman of Beijing Guohua Technology Group Limited (BGTG), made the presentation titled “Research on Energy-Conservation and Efficiency-Increase of H.M. Coal Separation Technology”,meanwhile,answered related questions of the presented delegates.

        Abstract of the presentation “Research on Energy-Conservation and Efficiency-Increase of H.M. Coal Separation Technology” is as follows: (1) Research of energy-conservation and efficiency-Increase on H.M. coal preparation process technology; (2) Research of energy-conservation and efficiency-Increase on H.M. coal preparation equipment; (3) Research of energy-conservation and efficiency-Increase on H.M. coal preparation centralized control system and automation; (4) Implementation effect of H.M. coal separation energy conservation and efficiency-increase. Mr. Zhao has made a comprehensive introduction of the research, which centered on H.M. cyclone coal preparation process and equipment and aimed at energy conservation, consumption reduction, efficiency increase and expenditures cutting down, forming a complete set of technology ranging from process to equipment, coal separation to coal slime water treatment, and coal preparation plant centralized control and automatic monitoring of process parameters. The achievements of research projects have reached international advanced level, being granted with 19 national authorized patents, 8 pending patents, of which 12 are invention patents. Due to the technological advantages, Guohua Technology directed or participated in the formulation or amendment of 9 coal preparation industrial standards.
        In addition, Xu Xuewu, Vice President of Beijing Guohua Technology Group Ltd, made a report titled “Energy Conservation and Efficiency Increase of H.M. Coal Preparation Design”. The main contents of the report include: (1) Adoption of high-efficient and energy-saving separation process; (2) Adoption of highly simplified process circuit; (3) Adoption of large, energy-saving, high-efficient and cost-effective equipment; (4) Adoption of CPP automatic monitoring system with advanced technology and reliable operation; (5) Define process of mass and water balance scientifically and rationally, optimize layout and overall arrangement of general drawings; (6) Other design concept for energy conservation and efficiency increase. The report, based on research of energy-saving and efficiency-increase whole set of H.M. separation technology designed by BGTG and 14 years experience accumulated from CPP design & contracting of EPC projects, has summarized the CPP design concept of energy conservation and efficiency increase, which had been successfully applied in more than 500 various sizes of H.M. coal preparation plants, and the total plant design capacity has reached 0.638 billion ton per year. In case of full operation, the capacity of these plants could account for 31% of the total coal preparation capacity of China in 2012.
        The clean coal recovery efficiency of the H.M. CPP, designed with the abovementioned concept, could reach more than 95%; The clean coal yield is 6.97% (Xinyu coal prep plant in Shanxi province) higher than the conventional separation method of “primary and secondary separation with deslimed raw coal and pressure-fed two product H.M. cyclone, and flotation process with Jameson flotation column”; power consumption of per ton raw coal separation is ≤6.0kWhr, water consumption ≤0.075m3, water recycling rate is ≥93%; all of which fully demonstrated the design concept of energy conservation, consumption reduction, potential tapping and efficiency increasing.
        In the technical seminar, 16 papers are related to magnetite consumption of H.M. CPP, of which Matou coal prep plant of Jizhong Energy Fengfeng Group has lowered down to 0.50kg/t, and even to 0.41kg/t in April, 2013. Matou coal prep plant is the 4th CPP designed by BGTG with magnetite consumption less than 0.50kg/t., and is the CPP with least magnetite consumption in whole China. Meanwhile, Matou CPP is also a state-owned corporation.
Analysis of Magnetite Lost in Product and Magnetite Lost in Matou Coal Preparation Plant in April 2013


Clean coal

Mixed coal


Filter press tailings


Magnetite lost in product, kg/t






Product output, t






Yield rate ,%






Monthly magnetite lost in product, t






Monthly magnetite consumption, t


0.41,kg/t raw coal

Monthly magnetite lost due to technology, t


0.31,kg/t raw coal

Monthly magnetite lost due to management, t


0.10,kg/t raw coal

        The technical seminar demonstrated once again the leading position of BGTG in coal preparation technology and engineering.
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