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Officials of Tangshan Municipal Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Visited TGTC

      To implement the educational practice of Following the Mass Line by Communist Party of China, the Committee Chairman of Tangshan Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Guo Yanhong, Deputy Chairman Zhang Yanchun, Liu Changsuo, Hu Wanning, Yang Fang, Su Tiecheng, Secretary-general Liu Zhendong and other leaders of Tangshan National-level High-Tech Industrial Park, totally about 20 officials, have visited TGTC, acquainted themselves with development situation of the company and the difficulties and problems TGTC came across in the road of development. Once they got off the car, they exclaimed “How come there is such an excellent corporation in our industrial park and I didn’t ever heard about it before!” President and Chief Engineer of TGTC Zhao Shuyan and  General-Manager Zhang Lihua accompanied them during the visit.
       In the colloquia (that participants are Huizhong Instrument, Guohua Technology, and Jianhua Enginnering Quality Assessment Co.), Chairman Guo Yanhong listened carefully to the presentations made by the three enterprises about the basic information, development direction and current difficulties and problems and give full confirmation to the development of the three high-tech enterprises situated in the high-tech industrial park. “The management policies of the three enterprises accorded with industrial policy municipally and nationally, and there are high-quality entrepreneurs with open-minded, ambitious, and clear development ideas that indicate a bright future for the high-tech enterprises” She stated, “Your products are in the global leading position and are full of vitality which will surely set a good example for and be a driven force to the industrial transformation of Tangshan City.” “All the three enterprises have contributed a lot for Tangshan city in terms of employment and tax revenue”.
       Guo Yanhong encouraged three enterprises and stated that “Presently, Tangshan is facing the national strategic opportunity of integrated development for Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, which presents beneficial conditions for high-tech enterprises, and the three of you should accelerate development with firm confidence to realize a large-scale and quick development, meanwhile, publicity efforts should also be strengthened”.
       Finally, Guo Yanhong said, “As for the difficulties and problems you three enterprises came across, and especially the miscarriage of justice Guohua Technology has undergone, the municipal level CPPCC will reflect the problems to the Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Tangshan, and I am sure the problem will be properly handled. ”

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