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Core Products
3GHMC-Series Gravity-Fed 3-Product HM Cyclones

♦  One of the world's most advanced innovativedevices (with numerous patents invented by GTC) in coal prep industry
♦  Two vessels in series (see the sketch) – A cylindrical one for 1st-Stage HM separation at a relatively low density and a conic cyclone for 2nd-Stage HM separation at an elevated density (e.g. > 2.0 kg/L)
 ♦  High effectiveness in non-deslimed and non-sized separationof a variety of coals with three products (clean coal, middlingsand refuse) in one set of unit and at one relatively-low heavy medium density
♦  Gravity-Fed approach– Being different from conventional approach (a mixed coal-media pulp being pumped to a HM Cyclone), this type of feeding significantly reduces size degradation, power consumption, and mechanical wearing
♦  High separation efficiency – Ep1 = 0.02~0.03kg/L, and Ep2 = 0.03~0.05kg/L for 0.5mm fraction; for the 0.5~0.25mm fraction, Ep= 0.065~0.09kg/L
♦  High reliability for over 9000 working hours due to the use of hi-wear-resistant lining with Reaction-Bonded SiC and Cr-material
♦  Primary selecteddevice for HM Separation in China's coal prepindustry(e.g. > 400 plants)
♦  11 product models of the series with the capacities rangedfrom 40 to 650 TPH (up to 800~1000 TPH for deslimed raw coals)
♦  Top feed particle size 110mm for the Ø1500mm HM Cyclone
  Structural Characteristics
♦  There are three outlets for clean coal, middlings and refuse, respectively.
♦  Use a cylindric vessel in primary-stage section - In the vessel, media are homegeneous
in density and insensitive to media change, which is good for separation.  
♦  Use a cylindric-pyrmid in secondary section - This structure is good to increase
the actual separation density, and thus to minimize misplacement of middlings into
♦  Raw coal and heavy media are fed separately into the cyclone.
♦  Use a combined approach by either altering the apex size of the secondary-section
or adjusting the depth of the vortes finder of the secondary section.
♦  It is lined with corundum material.
  Flash Animation
3GHMC-Series Gravity-Fed 3-Product HM Cyclones

  Models and Capacities

          Model Capacity, TPH
1500/1100A 550~650
1400/1000A 450~550
1300/920A 350~450
1200/850A 250~350
1100/780A 220~280
1000/700A 160~230
850/600A 100~170
780/550A 90~140
700/500A 70~110
600/400A 50~80
500/350A 30~50
* Capacity adjustment  (Time the coefficient)
Scenario Coefficient

Thermal Coals

Deslimed Raw Coals 1.3
Lump Sized (13 mm) 1.5





  Technical Achievements, Certificates and Awards


Type of Achivement



Innovate Application Patent

An Innovative 3-Product HM Cyclone


Innovate Application Patent

3-Product HM Cyclone for Coal Washing


China National Key Innovative Product

3GDMC-Series Gravity-Fed Triple-Product HM Cyclones


Independently Invented Innovative Product in Hebei Province

3GDMC-Series Gravity-Fed 3-Product HM Cyclones


Hi- and Innovative Tech Product in Hebei Province

Gravity-Fed 3-Product HM Cyclones


Tangshan Economic and Technical Innovation Project Staff Honor

Gravity-Fed 3-Product HM Cyclone Technology and Equipment


Hebei Excellent New Brand Product Honor

Gravity-Fed 3-Product HM Cyclones


Tangshan Excellent Tech-Innovation Honor – 2nd Class Award

Gravity-Fed 3-Product HM Cyclones

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